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2000 Pure Bay

Boat Length: 19' 7"
Boat Beam: 96" or 8'
Draft: 11" - 12"
Max Horsepower: 150
Number of Persons: 7 or 1050LBS.

Max Weight: 1625
Boat Weight: 1550LBS.

The 2000 is the continuation of the award winning Pure Bay series design. With it’s High performance, Smooth ride, and Shallow water ability it will make sure to fulfill all your wants and needs… IN STYLE. With the top class features like built in rod boxes, fish boxes and flip seats, it will leave you wondering how we got all these things in a smaller version and still left plenty of walk around and fishing room. View More Details and Standard Features at bottom of page.



2200 Pure Bay

Boat Length: 21' 4"
Boat Beam: 102" or 8'6"
Draft: 12"
Max Horsepower: 250
Number of Persons: 8 or 1200LBS.

Max Weight: 1775 LBS.
Boat Weight: 1700LBS.

The precision engineered 2200 Pure Bay is the perfect boat for the all around fisherman. With it’s hallmark design and industry leading performance, this boat’s specs are off the charts and simply can’t be compared to other manufacturers, who are still trying to catch up. If you want to get there fast, still run skinny, have a well thought out interior with the comfort and space to encompass a group of eight; then this is the boat for you. With new features that include a Pro Series 3″ drain that is nearly impossible to clog, and an AFD drain system that helps keep your floor nice and dry in almost any conditions, and the newest, state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing methods backed by the Blue Wave family’s style of boat building, you will know you are getting the absolute best value for your money.



2400 Pure Bay

Boat Length: 24' 5"
Boat Beam: 102" or 8'6"
Draft: 12"
Max Horsepower: 300
Number of Persons: 9 or 1350 LBS.

Max Weight: 2100 LBS.
Boat Weight: 22000 LBS.


The 2400 Pure Bay is the pinnacle of modern bay boat design. The words we hear most often from owners and critics alike are that they are impressed by it’s “performance”, “features” and “fit and finish”. The 2400 Pure Bay boasts industry leading style, performance and features that include a Pro Series 3″ drain that is nearly impossible to clog and an AFD drain system that helps keep your floor nice and dry in almost any conditions, proprietary hull design and all stainless steel hardware. The interior is designed to accommodate the most possible built-in features while still providing a tremendous amount of fishing area. It has extremely large front and rear casting decks and plenty of room to fish comfortably from anywhere on the floor. The 2400 Pure Bay’s construction utilizes the newest, state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing processes backed by the Blue Wave family’s style of boat building. This boat, just like the 2200 Pure Bay, will sell itself to you on the water with it’s awesome performance.



Standard Features

100% Hand Laid Hull Laminate Process Used Throughout

Solid Fiberglass Rod Reinforced Chines

Molded Reverse Angle Anti Spray Chines

Transitional Deadrise Design Gives Maximum Performance and Shallow Draft

Full V Design for Comfort and Performance Capabilities

High Quality Marine Grade Color Enhanced HD Gelcoats

Sound Dampening Core Reinforced Sides

High Speed Lifting Strake Design

Performance Enhancing Engineered Pocket Tunnel




All Composite High Density Light Weight Coosa Transom w/ Fiberglass Reinforcement



All Composite Construction
Virtually Unsinkable Foam Flotation
Raised Platinum Blue Wave Logos
Integrated Fuel Tank Access Door Built In
Trolling Motor Pre-Wiring (Ran to Console) and w/ Trolling Motor Plug & Panel
Saltwater Resistant Switch Panel w/ Easy Access Circuit Breakers
Deutsche Electrical Connections (Saltwater Resistant)
49 Gallon Fuel Tank (Below Floor) EPA Compliant Fuel Systems
Bow Accent LED Lighting



Comfort Features

Liner Finished Storage Boxes & Livewells Throughout
2 Rear FlipSeats with Full Back Pad Support and Exclusive Fold Down Armrests
Marine Grade Vinyl and Foam Upholstery made with Double Stitching
RSD Cockpit Drains (Remote Self Drain)
2 Blue LED Interior Lighting
Tilt Baystar Pro Hydraulic SteeringLeaning post with starboard tool tray, 4 rod holders, double footrest & elevated supports for cooler
1 1/2" Fishbox Drains
1 1/2" Livewell Drains
1 1/2" Livewell Overflow Drain
Carbon Fiber Upholstery (Pearl or Beige)



Molded Trolling Motor Platform
Anchor Storage (Drained Overboard)
Front Storage Fish Box Molded Lower to Allow for Easy Step onto Deck
Large Forward Casing Deck w/ Lockable Storage
Wide Walk Around Gunnel
Insulated Rear Catch & Release Livewell
Large Rear Casting Deck with NO SPLASHWELL - Totally Usable Space
Light Weight Closed Molded Finished Lids with Dry Seal Gaskets
In-Line Scuppers on Cockpit Drain Hoses
Recessed Floor Drains Allow all Water to Drain from Floor
Full Transom Design to Enhance Performance and Maximize Rear Deck Space
Dry Floor Drain System (Center Cavity w/ Bilge Pump to Allow Customer to Drain Water Off the Floor Using a Pump)
3 Forward Insulated Fish Boxes(Drained Overboard)
Forward Lockable Rod Storage Box2 Rear Molded Flip Seats w/ Finished Storage Underneath
Exclusive Non Glare Wave Grip Non-Skid w/ Easy Clean Feature
Large Casting Front Deck w/ Storage and Built In Fishbox with Fiberglass Lids



All Stainless Steel Fasteners used Throughout (Life Time Warranty)
Stainless Steel Compression Latches
Stainless Steel Gunwale Rubrail
Side Wall Recessed Roholders
Auto Bilge
High Speed Aerator Water Pickup
Stainless Steel Bow & Stern Eyes
3 Stainless Steel Pull-up Cleats
4-S/S Cupholders10" 
Manual Jackplate
Stainless Steel Gas Fill
Stainless Steel Piano Hinges used on all Lids (from 12" to 18" Engineered Support per Lid
)Bilge Pump
Nylon Washers to Help Prevent Corrosion



Multi Directional Engineered All Composite Stringer System
Achieves an Unbeatable 360* Bond Around Entire Perimeter
Creates 4 - Lateral Stringer Supports versus Competitions 2
Double Level Gussets Supports the Load Weight of the Engine at Key Structural Points
Using Plexus "Fiberglass Fusion" Methacrylates Insure 2 Surfaces Become 1 During Bonding
100% Marine Grade Closed Cell Foam Filled
Over Sized Lateral and Horizontal Stringers allow for Large Amounts of Bonding Surface and Support
Over Sized Gusset Braces Supporting Key Structural Points
Attaches and Gives Full Width Bond and Support Across Entire Transom Gusset to Gusset


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